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Flowers Printed Vinyl

Flowers Printed Vinyl

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Our sheets come in 12x12 sheets

You have the option of choosing Adhesive Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl. Simply choose your choice of material below. 

Listing is for 1 sheet of either adhesive vinyl or heat transfer vinyl 

These prints CAN be used with any vinyl cutter such as Cricut or Silhouette

We include 1 FREE sheet of transfer mask with every Heat Transfer Vinyl order to get you started.


 Permanent Gloss Adhesive Vinyl
– Permanent, Gloss finish
– Outdoor life of 5 years
– No sealing needed 

 Heat Transfer Vinyl
– Requires a transfer mask (included)
– Easy weeding and transferring
– Great for both light and dark colored fabrics
– Adheres to 100% cotton • 100% polyester • Poly/cotton blends 

Pressing Details for Heat transfer Vinyl: 

  • Pressing temperature is 315 F
  • 15 second press time
  • Heavy Pressure 
  • Warm Peel 
  • For best results, It is recommended to cover with teflon 
  • Cover and repress for 2-3 seconds to remove shine (optional but recommended)

Colors may vary slightly as the image shown is just a mockup. Slight color change may occur after pressing.

All sales are final, we do not accept any type of refunds or exchanges.

 We are not responsible for any transfers that are pressed incorrectly, please make sure you are following pressing instructions.


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