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Custom Heat Transfers

Custom Heat Transfers

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Want custom HEAT TRANSFERS with your own logo or design? Then you have come to the right place!

Listing is for 1 HEAT TRANSFER, you will only receive 1 Heat Transfer not a finished product nor the garment that is shown on the image. 

Please read the description before purchasing

-Choose the best size to fit your needs. 

-Screenshots of a design will NOT be accepted. If you upload a screenshot of a design your order will be cancelled. Please remember that the image you upload is the image that will be printed unless otherwise discussed.

-Please ensure that the image you upload is in PNG format or vector format for best quality and results. We are not responsible for the quality of any low quality images you upload. We will print the image just as you upload it.

If your image has a background and you would like the background to be removed please specify it on the "note" section or send me an email/Instagram dm. Otherwise your image will be printed just as you upload it. All sales are final. 

HEAT TRANSFERS may be used on any colored apparel and on 100% Cotton, Polyester or any mixed blends. 

All Heat Transfers come weeded and with Masking included. 

Pressing Details: 

  • Pressing temperature is 315 F
  • 15 second press time
  • Heavy Pressure 
  • Warm Peel 
  • For best results, It is recommended to cover with teflon 
  • Cover and repress for 2-3 seconds to remove shine (optional but recommended)

Colors may vary slightly as the image shown is just a mockup. Slight color change may occur after pressing.

All sales are final, we do not accept any type of refunds or exchanges.

 We are not responsible for any transfers that are pressed incorrectly, or if you purchased the wrong size, or if the quality of the image you uploaded was of poor quality, therefore it printed with poor quality. We print just as you upload. Please make sure you are following pressing instructions.

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